‘What Image Are You’ Instagram name accounts: An unlikely model for social justice

Have you opened a post shared by a friend (chances are, a Gen Z) via Instagram direct messages, only to find a picture of a random little animal with your name in a gaudy rainbow font over it? You’re not the only one. After clicking on the profile, soon enough, you’ll find yourself poring over different images — some funny, some cute, and others just plain weird… read more


WoofPost.Com How To Have A Dog Without Owning One

Beverly Hills, CA – Not everyone who loves dogs is in a position to have a canine companion in their home. There are many reasons for this including a job that frequently takes a person away from home for days at a time, a family member who is allergic, a rental situation that doesn’t allow dogs, or just not being able to come up with the money it takes for veterinary care, high quality food and toys… read more


FOX 5 viewers come to the rescue of abused animals

FOX 5 viewers have graciously come to the aid of an animal rescue group which took in 15 dogs after a terrible animal abuse case in Spalding County.  Royal Animal Refuge is caring for 10 puppies and five adult dogs surrendered by an owner who has been charged in the case. FOX 5 viewers have helped raise $5,000 dollars for their care… read more


A dog concerned for her puppies led shelter volunteers to a home where animals were being neglected

An emaciated female dog named Clover led animal shelter volunteers to a home in Georgia where her puppies, along with multiple dead and severely malnourished animals, were found. The gruesome discovery was found after Clover led two volunteers with Royal Animal Refuge to her puppies… read more


Shelter needs foster parents for puppies abandoned in storage bin on hiking trail

The Fayette County Animal Control is looking for parents to foster puppies that were found abandoned along a hiking trail. The puppies were inside a storage bin and were found by a couple who were hiking at Line Creek. The Royal Animal Refuge in Peachtree City says the puppies are close to seven weeks old and can be split up… read more


No Kill Dog Shelter Needs Donations!

Rescue dogs “Peaches and Cream ” are healthy now and looking to be placed in a good home.

For the past 2 years, Vets, Kennel Techs, and Volunteers at The Royal Animal Refuge in Peachtree City have been nursing back to health dozens of abused dogs, but the facility is out of money, as it runs solely on donations for things like medical supplies, dog food, and wee-wee pads… read more


Subaru of America Hosts Event to Save Lives of Pets in Need During 2019 Atlanta International Auto Show

Subaru of America, Inc. today announced it will be hosting a pet adoption event during the 2019 Atlanta International Auto Show through a partnership with local animal shelter, Royal Animal Refuge. The 501(c)3 non-profit organization is dedicated to promoting animal welfare and responsible pet ownership, while finding homes for unwanted pets. This first-of-its-kind event, which will take place at the Subaru exhibit inside the Georgia World Congress Center, is aimed at finding permanent homes for pets in  metro Atlanta… read more


Royal Animal Refuge set to save lives, promote positive change — Fayette News

It’s time to put up or shut up. That’s the message driving the creation of Royal Animal Refuge, a non-profit, no-kill facility…read more