Clik-R Training Tool


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The ability to train your dog is in your hands. Quite literally. The handheld Clik-R™ dog training tool makes training easy and incredibly clear.

Use the clicker sound to teach your dog nearly anything, from basic obedience commands to advanced tricks and agility training. The Clik-R™ works well with PetSafe® Treat Pouches so you can have a tasty reward ready in each moment of good behavior. Your pet deserves the best. Trust PetSafe® to help keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.


  • Quick, distinct sound lets your pup know when he’s being a good boy
  • Compact shape fits easily in the palm of your hand
  • Finger band allows for added comfort and quick clicks
  • Includes clicker training instructions
  • Recommended for dogs 8 weeks and older
  • Includes a loop for a keychain or lanyard

More Information

Clicker training is a positive reinforcement method that teaches your dog to associate a reward with the sound of a clicker training tool. Once your dog is trained to understand the Clik-R™ sound, he’ll know that it means a reward is coming—usually a tasty treat. You can start clicker training with your dog as early as 8 weeks old. Most pets learn this skill quickly and are eager to be on their best behavior to earn more clicks (and the treats that follow).

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