JW Skid Stop Slow Feeder Bowl



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Slow a fast-eating dog down with the JW® Skid Stop® Slow Feed Bowl. Rapid eating may cause…bloat, discomfort, and other digestive problems. The unique design of the JW Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl features large interior indentations that prevent a dog from eating too quickly. The rubbery base keeps the bowl in place for a pet. Pet parents love this dishwasher-safe, heavy-duty plastic that resists rust and bacteria.


  • Easy-to-clean, stain-resistant plastic
  • The rubber base prevents sliding
  • Promotes regular digestion
  • The heavy-duty plastic bowl is BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe
Medium: 8.5″” x 8.5″” x 2.5″” = Capacity 1-Cup
Large:  10.5″” x 10.5″” x 3.25″” = Capacity 3-Cup
Jumbo:  13.25″” x 13.25″” x 4″” = Capacity 6-Cup

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Medium, Large, Jumbo